Some of the Most Dangerous Insects around the World
Various traditional pest control measures have been taken since ancient times. People still use some of the traditional methods, such as catching mice with mousetraps, scarecrows to scare away birds, mosquito nets to escape from mosquitoes, killing rats and other animals with food laced with poison, and killing foxes and rabid dogs with guns and other weapons. These methods can be quite successful if the pest population is small enough. However, when the pest population is large, they have limited effects. Also, traditional methods do not work on some of the most harmful pests, such as termites and ants.
For many home owners, pest control is a daily chore they must give priority to as it has direct effects on their wellbeing and financial security. This is especially true for those who live in places, where pests like mosquitoes, flies, ants, locusts, termites, spiders, snakes, rodents, snails, marauding birds, and other life forms are plentiful. These troublesome and destructive insects and animals like to live with people’s homes because of the easy availability of food and shelter. Some of them, like snakes, have venom and can kill to people. Some spread diseases, such as mice, rats and foxes. Some damage homes and properties by making their nest inside walls and floor, like mice and termites. Some steal food from the kitchen and crops from the fields, like mice, rabbits and birds. Every year, pests cause damages to health and properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars. plague, called the Black Death, spread by rats and mice killed a hundred million people in Europe in the mid 14th century. Besides stealing foods and spreading diseases, they also make holes enwalls, clothes, boxes and other items with their sharp teeth.

In the equatorial and tropical regions, possibly the most economically damaging pests are termites.
These insects live in huge colonies made of millions of individuals. They usually build their nests under the ground and in old trees. A termite mound in many parts of Africa and Australia can be several feet high. They are complex structures made of breeding chambers and storage chambers connected by an intricate network of tunnels. The trouble starts when a colony decides to make its home in the walls and under the floors of people's home. If not exterminated, a colony of termites can literally devour a house hollow from inside. Termites damage properties worth hundreds of million dollars every year.

Ineffective and harmful traditional pest control management are giving way to modern methods that are both effective and humane. These approaches involve determining the level of infestation, formulating a treatment plan, monitoring infested area, and targeting the pests to kill or remove them. They also involve measures to keep the pests away from homes. The primary aim of these approaches is to make sure the safety of our health and properties.


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