Possum Removal from Your Roof

Possum Removal Management
Possum problems can either be tackled individually, but some require the assistance of a professional, mostly, possum enters the house through the roof, therefore these entry points need to be blocked. In addition, possum removal from your roof is very important; some companies even sell possum boxes that assist in keeping the possum off the roof by providing them with shelter. This is one of the humane way of possum removal; in a real scenario, possums are supposed to live in tree hallows, however the loss of nature and bush land that provide homes for possums, has led them to finding new means of survival.

That is why they are forced to seek shelter in your roof, therefore rather than poisoning them; it is humane to provide an alternative for them. Here are some measures you can consider:
  • You can provide an alternative home for possums, by constructing a weather proof possum house.
  • You can also get on your roof and remove the possum nest, and place it in the new possum shelter, and this may encourage the possum to live in its new shelter rather than on the roof top.
  • Fix the possum shelter to a tree that is what possums prefer.
  • You can also put a half banana or apple near the possum’s house, this will encourage the possums to live in their new home.
  • To permanently remove possums from your roof, you may consider trimming any hanging branches over your roof.

In addition traps can be used to catch possums; however, some countries require you to get a license in order to purchase a trap. Interestingly, when you provide shelter for a possum, they may discourage other possums from moving to your roof. It is also important to contact the possum control services in your area, if you cannot handle the possum problem. Possum roofing is an environmental friendly method that can create a permanent solution to possum removal.


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